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[29 Jul 2003|12:32pm]
im getting a new journal because parents suck.

i will add you all.

this journal will be deleted later on.

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[27 Jul 2003|01:10pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY SHELBY (that_one_person)!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUUU!!!

we celebrated last nite. lots of fun. good food. :P

so yeahhhhhhh, bye

crazy in love

[26 Jul 2003|02:17pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i want this cd.

tonite i'm going out to eat with shelbs. tomorrow is her 17th birthday! YAY!

i've been cooking stuff...i made a cherry cheese pie last night and let it chill over night. mmm it's good. and today i'm letting the chicken soak in buttermilk for tomorrow's dinner.

and wednesday thru saturday next week i will be at my sisters.

and tomorrow is clean courtney's room day cause she wants to drive.

<3 you all


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i'd give you my life cause i don't own anything [23 Jul 2003|08:37am]
[ mood | cold ]

im sooooooo tired...after this im going back to bed. i just got up to pee but ended up eating cake and drinking milk and wandering to the cpu..so..

yesterday was my dads bday. he got home at 2:30am though, from st louie. i baked him a cake. i wrapped his presents and stuff. i got him a titans hat. mom got him socks. he thanked me though cuz i had to pee this morning and he was up getting ready for work and gave me a hug. see. im a good daughter!!!!!oh and the show last nite was awesome and fun and stuff. kinda crowded (what shows arent) but i enjoyed it. it made me love tsunami bomb even more. i finally found a ride (thanks again sarah if youre reading) i was sittin there after i got off the phone w/ justin and i called her up first and we arranged it all. i hope shelbs and lyds had a good time at fsf.

well im off.

crazy in love

[20 Jul 2003|11:39pm]
(start rant)

i'm not going to be a hyprocrite and tell you what you can and cannot post in your journals, buttttttt...i'm sooooooooooo tired of hearing about 'pirates of the carribean'. yeah, jonny depp is very hot but.....thats like...half of what everyone is talking about on my friends page. flkhadfklhaslfjkasopfuepwrue3ufasjfpas;jf;as

ok thanks

(/ end rant)
crazy in love

[16 Jul 2003|08:50am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

my stomach started to hurt again this morning. then i watched spongebob and passed the time away and things went back to normal.

well i hope cherophobia is happy because he took me off of his friends list (because of my gas entry) and probably persuaded punkduck to do so as well. kayla never talked to me anymore anyway. she did comment on entries though, and all was fine until matty probably said something to her about what was going on and how i was angry with him. that's so pathetic, trying to turn people against me, and it really hurts my feelings. he didn't have to bring her into it and make her change her mind about having me on her list because she didn't even comment about it or say anything. so then he brings kayla into it just so it looks like his side is better than mine. there's always some lj drama. speaking of which, that site is funny.

it's always something, ya know. silly kids.

i went to the library. i got a book on low-carb dieting, the perks of being a wallflower, and ellen foster (that one is for my summer reading). the other two books i need for summer reading i will buy at books a million when i travel to rivergate this weekend. hopefully amanda will join me.

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[15 Jul 2003|09:03am]
[ mood | anxious ]

I'm sorry you don't like what I post and I respect your opinions but I'm sorry to say that it is my journal and I should be able to write what I want and not worry about what other people think. My bodily functions are my business, my journal is my business and by having me as a friend on your list, it makes it your business. Like I said, don't read it if you don't like it, especially if you'll get little mental pictures in your head and have a cow. I don't have a problem with having you on my list, but obviously you're the one with a problem and too immature to accept the fact that everyone has these things happen and everyone has freedom of speech. And just because one (two or three maybe) certain persons has a problem with it, doesn't mean I'm going to change my mind and how I feel about posting.

Thank you and goodbye.

Now go away. It's time for my bath. :)

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[14 Jul 2003|11:02am]
[ mood | excited ]

my gas is gone.

& ps to all the people who have said something negative concerning my last entry - if you don't like what i post, take me off of your list, because quite frankly you have no right to come up in my lj and tell what i can and cannot tell you. so yeah. back off. it's my journal. i'll say whatever i want! otherwise, have a nice day. :)


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[13 Jul 2003|05:48pm]
[ mood | gassy ]

i have gas. like...i'm bloated and it hurts. and when i fart, it feels better.
but then it starts to hurt again.

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i love him [12 Jul 2003|10:11pm]
MourningAir 909: soooO!OO!O!
cherrykiss409: so buttons
MourningAir 909: lol
MourningAir 909: wiseguy eh!!?
cherrykiss409: yeahhhhhhh
cherrykiss409: what are ya gonna do bout it
MourningAir 909: tackle you and kiss you to death
crazy in love

MourningAir 909: i know youre my soulmate [12 Jul 2003|10:00pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

surveyCollapse )

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[12 Jul 2003|07:42pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

today was fun. i bounced around (more like fell all over) the moonwalk thing. it was that big balloon thing you blow up and jump in with the lil kids. yeah that was neat. i laughed so much. more like squealed cause it was so fun. i kareoked!! i sang a lot of songs... like 3 dixie chicks and the cheers theme lol and then some grease songs.

i thought about manda the whole time i sang "summer nights", i miss her so much. but yeah, we'd always dance around my room w/ my grease soundtrack (which i ended up giving her which i think we broke eventually along with the cleopatra cd lol), pretending we were john travolta and olivia newtown john. i want her to come over for a week. a week even. to all of you who have best friends and are able to see them lots please dont take it for granted.

anyways...then after you & lyds left shelbs, i was face painting lil kids. a lot of kids came, by the way. hmm, it was neat. i'm dirty and i smell. i need a bath. then after that was all over we went to rose pepper for margaritas. like everyone had one. they were strong. it burned my chest. but they were still yummy. my mom and i shared one and it was still enough to get a buzz. after that me and my mom went to see my granny and then we came home to find my sissy and her hubby here so we've been talking and stuff.

my mom talked to justin on the phone last night. it was neat. she likes him. she says he's nice. i'm so happy that things are well. (and good news too i might be getting a new computer! i'm excited.) but yeah...everyones been getting married. my sisters brother did, and my brother-in-law's sis did. i wanna get married. i want a big wedding, planned by my mommy, with lots of brides maids (my sis and shelbs are the two i have so far...i want 6) and manda will be my maidren of honor. (but this will not take place right after i move to NY or not right after justin moves to TN, it all depends what happens. i dont wanan get married til im like 23 at least. but me and justin will live together of course) yeah its a day im dreaming of<3

i really want school to start back. i want to compare schedules and be with my friends.

im going to brandis now. i love you justin, but i love all of you! come to vbs!!!

<3courtney nicole weintraub

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Subject: (optional) [11 Jul 2003|08:30pm]
[ mood | cold ]

yeah so i'll be at church all frickin day tomorrow, like i was today...only good part is we had pizza and i hadn't had pizza in forever so i ate like 5 pieces plus 3 jalapenos. tomorrow i have to run some game for our lil carnival thing. someone come hang out with me and keep me company. i'll probably just hang with shelbs and rach but thats always cool cause theyre two nifty chicks.

next week im going to the library to get books for school and start on my papers. then friday im going to the mall to shop, so someone come hang out with me then. (opry mills)

okay well, i'm going. justin is ringing me. bye bye

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for a fuck, son - you suck [11 Jul 2003|09:38am]
[ mood | stomach ache, ow ]

oh my gosh. cramping sucks sooo bad. my stomach hurts like woah.

i'm leaving at one today. hopefully i'll be back sometime EARLY tonight. i really don't feel like doing anything today. i'm going to complain to mom when she calls. she doesn't care though. she just wants what she wants and doesn't care how other people feel. thats one of her bad qualities, kids. she's selfish. she'll say, "take a tylenol." but when she's cramping, she doesn't have to do anything at all.

i'm going to take stuff over to the church to keep me occupied, like studying for my permit. i told my dad i needed to go but he is too busy for me.

i want to download some poe and be gloomy.


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[10 Jul 2003|10:10pm]
[ mood | good ]

i have summer homework for english 2 (work from ms walker, for all you mcgavock people)......i go back to school august 11th...(i think?) do you think i have started this work? absolutely not! i have to read 3 books. well 2 actually. but i have to do a charater sketch for six characters abd write a paper for each. i should probably walk up to the library soon. it sucks like woah. in a way im excited to go back to school to be with my friends again and meet new people, like the social butterfly i am. i probably just want to show off my new stuff + my weight loss...if i keep this atkins shizz up i'll lose about 20 within a month. lol. i'm so materialistic. bite me.

shelbys secret party is tomorrow. i want to go, but of course, i will be at church the next two days. i might as well fuckin move into it, we're constantly there. i mean, the lord is awesome and all, but damn, lemme take a break. my moms an absolute jesus freak. tomorrow we have to do something...i dont even remember...help put up stuff for saturday (our vbs carnival) and theyre probably going to dump children on my ass so i'm taking a bottle of aspirin. i'll try and be online, but if not, then i'll just talk to you kids whenever.


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posting spree [10 Jul 2003|02:09pm]
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not gonna get usssssssssss [10 Jul 2003|10:08am]
[ mood | happy ]

happy anniversary courtney & justin! we had sex at 9am. it was hot.

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ATTENTION [09 Jul 2003|01:24pm]
[ mood | bored ]

HEY...join mine and jaym-baym's (incorrectanswer) community... sexarama

It's not about sex. it's about being sexy. read the rules and shizz before you post anything. k? k

join please. i'll give you a hug.

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[08 Jul 2003|09:57pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

yeah so..guess what.
justins parents and my parents are going to let me go to ny to see him. our secret is finally out and thank the good lord.
i don't know when. maybe next summer, maybe the summer after that. who knows. but i can go. and i can see him, be with him, all that good stuff. its going to happen and it feels so amazing.
mom called me up today and looked at pics of long island at work. she wants to see the lighthouses and such up there. but she told me "maybe we can visit justin while we're up there."
and i was like "come again?"
we've got everything talked out. on both sides. it rocks.
so fuck all of you who said i was crazy. you can eat my shorts. (and justins!)
cause it's going to happen.

so today i went to aerobics. and i went to the tanning (aka cancer) bed.
it was neat.


ps - i really miss amanda.

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[06 Jul 2003|09:40pm]
I&apos;m Tsunami Bomb.
Tsunami Bomb

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YAY! agent m<3
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